Some Costs of Your Wedding Reception

As with so many things relating to the ongoing situation of the current Pandemic, each catered event will need to be individually reviewed in order to determine the best avenue to pursue maintaining the guidelines provided by the  State of Colorado and The Eagle County Government. This may affect pricing and type of service we are able to provide. The Catered Event does not take a casual approach to the new environment surrounding Covid-19 as we reopen July 15 2020, however with that being said our primary objective is to keep Covid-19 in its place by following all safety guidelines but without letting it overshadow YOUR important life event!



here are many components in the cost of a wedding reception and prices vary greatly.

The following cost information is provided as a general guide of some of the common services needed for a catered wedding reception.

Food Cost:

Based on a Buffet Style Menu the cost “per head” can average from $15.00 per person (low range) and up per person depending on menu selection. Sit down, fully plated and served events begin at 55.00 and go up.

Outdoors events require assessment as to location /setup and difficulty.


The cost of Your Personal Chef, Inc. staff during a buffet style Wedding Reception   (Bar Staff is charged separately) with a 5 hour minimum including setup, service and cleanup time would be approx:

Chef/Carver $200.00         Per Buffet Server $155.00     Per Wait staff $ 175.00  Per Pantry\Kitchen staff $125.00    Per busboy/Dishwasher $ 90.00

Event Coordinator $225.00 AND UP Depending on services requested for the event and time frame required to properly take care of the requested services

An additional charge of $25.00\hr per staff is charged over 5 hours up to midnight.

An additional charge of 55.00 per hour per staff member is charged after midnight.

It is recommended that an average of one wait staff per 25 guests for a buffet event with regular plates and table clearing be secured. Please note that this would not include pantry/Kitchen or bar staff. If paper/plastic ware is used and limited table clearing is requested then it is recommended that one wait staff per 50 guests be secured.

Sit down affairs would require more staff and this number would be determined by services requested

This may or may not include “special guest” table service .As an example: Special attention for the Head Table at

a wedding reception.  Special requests must be discussed with the caterer to ensure this is secured. Please see our “Special Packages” offers (Wedding Menu Page) for discounted Service packages.


Service Charge: 18% of the Food/Beverage Total

Tax: determined by location of reception. Colorado Law requires tax be charged on the total bill.

Rental Costs: For table settings using plates,flatware,glassware can average between $5.00—$15.00 per person. This does not include tents, dance floors, audio equipment or other special requests.Linen Costs: average 9.00-25.00 per linen depending on quality and size.

Paper /Plastic Products: will average between $2.50 - $5.50 per person we often include simple paper/plastic ware in your cost as a bonus.

Payment: a 50% deposit is required to confirm all arrangements and is subject to certain terms.