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        Summertime all year long! Everyone loves BBQ and we do it well!!

Nothing is more enchanting than Summertime in the Rockies. One of the many reasons we stay in our beautiful Valley is the anticipation and final arrival of warm days and gorgeous Colorado Blue Skies. Fun BBQ's, exciting Pig Roasts, Old-Fashioned Family Reunions, Mountain Top Weddings or feasting  on a Colorado Style Dutch Oven Supper are just a few of the events we cater! Please enjoy a sampling of our favorite BBQ selections.   (Please note that some items may no longer be available

Prices on this page may no longer be valid. Please contact us for updated pricing By phone 1 970-376-4625 or email

Colorado Rocky Mountain BBQ Buffet

Single Entrées
Best Smoked Sliced Brisket

Seasoned Pulled Pork

Baby Back Ribs

BBQ Chicken

Split Entrées
Each person: 4 oz of each choice
Best Smoked Sliced Brisket and Tender Grilled Chicken
Seasoned Pulled Pork & Roasted Chicken

Aunt Shelly’s Spare Ribs & Smoked Turkey
Southwest style Pulled Pork w/ Green Chile & Carne Asada

Best Baked Beans-really!
Cowboy Potato Hash
Mammas Sweet Cornbread
Summertime Indian Succotash
Old Fashioned Potato Salad
Black-Eye Peas and Ham Hocks with or without Stewed Okra
Carolina Sweet Potato Casserole
Home-style Mac & Cheese
Fresh Green Beans with new potatoes
Yummy Mexican Corn Pie
Black Bean/Salsa Tortilla Casserole
Marinated Coleslaw
Summer Squash and Sweet Onion Casserole
Olathe Corn on the Cob
Carolina Red Beans and Rice
Georgia Cornbread Salad
House Salad
Summer Vegetable Sauté

Sometimes you just need a little extra to round out the meal!
Guacamole Layered Dip with Chips and Salsa
In Season Fruit and Cheese Platter
In season Fruit Platter only
Mom’s Plantation Banana Split Pudding
Totally Delicious Fruit Cobbler or Pie
Drinks: 1.00/person per choice

Sun-brewed Classic Iced Tea
Sweet Country Peppermint ~ Peach Lemonade
Assorted Sodas (1 per person)
Bottled H2O ( 1 per person)
Coffee Service

Basic Offerings

Our De-Licious Hickory Smoked Shredded Beef Brisket with 3 sides!

Served with our Homemade Country Rolls and BBQ sauce. Serving utensils and paper/plasticware always come with our Basic Offerings selections! 6 oz servings of meat


Best Baked Beans - Really! | Macaroni Summer Salad | Cowboy Potato Hash | Old-Fashioned Potato Salad | Sweet Indian Paint Brush Slaw | Georgia Cornbread Salad | Classy House Salad | Caesar Salad | Yummy Mexican Corn Pie | Black Bean/Salsa Tortilla Casserole(so good!) | Carolina Red Beans and Rice | Fresh Green Beans and New Potatoes | Sweet Corn Indian Succotash |

Add Ons:

For an additional 2.00 per person choose one of the following:

**Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Brisket

Substitute in place of Shredded Beef 2.75 extra per person
Seasoned Grilled Tender and Moist,Chicken (bone in)
BBQ Pulled Pork


For an additional 5.95 per person:

Baby Back Ribs (1/2 rack per serving)



For an additional 3.00per person choose one of the following:

Michelle's De-licious Party Dips served with crackers or Chips

1. Southwestern Guacamole Layered  Dip (no meat)

2. Layered Fresh Veggie and French Onion Dip

3. Greek Humus, Fresh Veggie and Feta Platter

5. Artichoke and Spinach "Hot Mama, that's good!" Dip

6. "Absolutely to Die for" Hawaiian Cocktail Meatballs



Western Style Beginnings

Appetizers by the dozen:
Trays: Extra Small Serves 10 to 15 • Small Serves 15 to 25 •
Medium Serves 25 to 50 • Large Serves 50 to 75
Fresh Fruit Tray

Seasonal selections of fresh cut fruit and berries. Watermelon and strawberries - seasonal availability.
Extra Small I Small | Medium  | Large
Delta Cheese & Vegetable Board

Crunchy fresh vegetables and Three delectable hard cheeses are on a creative wooden board along with our flavorful Cilantro Sour Cream dip and Crackers on the side.
Extra Small | Small | Medium | Large
Dry Honey Smoked Eagle Salmon

Beautifully presented with capers, red onions, cream cheese, toast points and mini-bagels.
Half Salmon (3-4 lbs, serves up to 50)
Chorizo Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon

Tender dates are filled with savory chorizo, wrapped in bacon, baked to seal in the flavors and presented on short attractive skewers. These are truly to die for!
 Chili Con Queso Tortilla Trumpets

Crispy bite size trumpets filled with a delectable combo of Black beans,

and savory queso and roasted corn served with a tomato salsa.
Chipotle ~ BBQ Rib Tips :

Bite-sized baby ribs served in a tangy BBQ sauce. Approximately 10 pieces per pound.
Deviled Eggs:

An old time favorite! An assortment of delicious and creative fillings. Perfect protein with perfect flavor. 
Dixie Chicks Wings:

3 varieties of our favorite chick wings with 3 dips to choose from. One choice: peppery bleu cheese
 Colorado Style Crab Cakes

Fresh crab with a southwest kick! Served with traditional cocktail sauce and an Ancho Chili cocoa dipping sauce.
.Southwest layered Guacamole dip (vegetarian)

Layers of our secret frijoles, guacamole, seasoned sour cream and Mexican Style Cheese. Beautifully decorated. Served with tri-colored corn chips.

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