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Current Testimonial


"I failed to pass this on yesterday and I don’t have Michelle’s email to pass to her. Anyway on one of my trips, with 5 of the crew from Gloriana, to the hotel they brought up how amazing the food was in the Fox Den. Their words were that it was in the top 5 of anywhere they have been as a band. They all raved for half the trip about how great it tasted. They talked about everything from the salads to the entrees to the desserts.

I would have to agree that the dinners on Friday and Saturday were fantastic. They were some of the best I’ve ever had."

Thank you very much,

Jeff Shreeve

Public Works Director

Town of Gypsum 

Whether serving 400 VIP guests for Gypsum Days or catering for a private dinner party for eight, happy, polite servers make all the difference!

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